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fake miniature / depth of field / selective focus / detail softening
"Make a molehill out of a mountain"
"...easy to use and does its job quick and effectively"
With Tilt-Shift-Focus you can easily edit photos to create fake miniatures, enhance or change the depth of field and focus area of your picture, or precisely soften details. It is Tilt-Shift Photography for your mac. Fake miniature and depth of field can improve the visual and artistic quality of your photographs and you can do all that with just a few clicks in the Tilt-Shift-Focus editor. For Mac OS X 10.5

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Load a Picture and click into the image to set your focus center by clicking. Move the mouse to define the blurred areas of your image. Click again and done.

Linear Create a soft transition between sharp and blurred. You mark beginn and end of transition area.
Bi-Linear Create an area that is in focus between to blurred areas. Center marks the focal point. A horizontal area creates the known tilt-shift effect.
Circular Create a circular area of that transitions into a blurred image surounding it.
Zoom Create an effect whereby the surounding image seems to move towards the center of the circle.
Freehand Use a brush to draw unblurred areas into the image.
Combine Turn on, to combine the sharpened areas of several layers of effects. Moving a control-point changes the current one, clicking somewhere else creates a new effect.

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