Tilt Shift Focus
Toy worlds on your iPhone, iPad or Mac
Tilt Shift Focus turns your photos into miniature worlds with a few clicks / taps.

We have completely revised Tilt Shift Focus! Version 2 comes with a:
  • new interface
  • improved quality
  • many new filters
  • image cropping tools
  • an extended effect-combination mechanism
  • new freehand drawing
  • an image gallery

  • and many more improved details...
    With Tilt-Shift-Focus you can easily edit photos to create fake miniatures, enhance or change the depth of field and focus area of your picture, or precisely soften details. Fake miniature and depth of field effects can help turn your photos into vivid masterpieces. And you can do all that with just a few taps/clicks in the Tilt-Shift-Focus editor.
  • crop images
  • edit and adjust with 4 different blur-tools
  • combine multiple effects
  • smooth transitions between blurred and focused areas
  • quick miniature effect
  • cool zooming effect
  • big selection of image filters
  • available for iPhone, iPad and Mac